December 20, 2016

No Wedding Ring Better tips

A friend of mine who works in a rather nice restaurant here in Putney, never wears her wedding ring. She has been telling me that it is the best way to get really good tips. To be honest, she is real flirt and knows how to look after her gents. Like I keep telling her, she should be working for Putney escorts. I think that she would do really well working for an escort agency such as Putney escort services.

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When I first started to talk to my friend about not wearing a wedding ring and flirting a little bit, I was not expecting her to get such terrific tips. I get rather good tips here at Putney escorts but many of the tips that she gets are a lot better than the tips. I get. Okay, she serves up some really expensive meals and she does it in such style. I went out with the girls from the agency and we enjoyed a meal at the restaurant. The way she looked after her clients was amazing.

Most of the girls in the restaurant do not only wear their wedding rings but they don’t have the same flair as my friend. As soon as she spots on empty glass of wine, she is there filling it up again. She always walks around the restaurant with a smile on her face, and a glint in her eyes. If she could do the same thing at Putney escorts she would be making a small fortune. Gents seems to have warmed to her and now they even asked to be seated in her section.

My friend has thinks it has to do with that she does not wear a wedding ring but I think that it has to do with so much more than that. It is her entire personally that is special. The gents that dine in her section, and she does look after a lot of business men, feel special because she treats them like people not like just another diner. Like she says, she tried to remember people’s name and greets them like a friend when she meets up with again. Just the sort of thing that I would do at Putney escorts.

I would love to recruit her for Putney escorts but of course she is married. There is no way that her husband would be happy for her to work as an escort in Putney. She has real class and I think that helps as well. Like so many other superb waiters, she has the ability to disappear into the background when she is not needed. She has also learned a lot about the dishes and I think that helps a lot. Just like I know my job, she knows her. Being friendly is a great asset and I do that a lot of the gents that she serves like to flirt with here as well. She does mind that at all, and seems to really look after the diners on her tables. It proves the point, it is always worth putting in a little bit of extra effort.…